How we do

How we do

NirmitoZeek believes in innovation. We design creative human capital strategies and solutions for executive search/recruitment and upgrade the abilities of candidates as a career and resource life partner. With globally proven search, training and development processes, and broad industry expertise, NirmitoZeek provides the competitive advantage necessary to recruit and develop world-class executives, managers and leaders.

Key mantras: Investigation, Collaboration, Teamwork and Life Partnership

Our professional relationship begins with a comprehensive understanding of the candidates and the clients. This calls for investigating the suitability of the candidates of the client organisation’s DNA. It calls for a perfect cross-matching of the culture, values, business model and strategic goals of the enterprise and the individual as a whole.

NirmitoZeek collaborates closely with the client managers and recruitment teams in order to define the terms of engagement which helps in identifying the candidates whose ambitions will eventually help shape the organisation.

NirmitoZeek also teams up with best-in-class global solution partners to leverage each other’s expertise and exchange transnational industry and market perspectives. This approach helps clients build diverse leadership teams to achieve results in a multi-polar economy – the critical success factor for tomorrow’s organisations.

NirmitoZeek is able to achieve this balance successfully thanks to its proprietary technology. A robust solution-set that provides the frameworks and tools necessary to ensure cross-pollination of ideas, knowledge transfer and effective teaming within a structured process.

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