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As ambitious as it may sound, our business philosophy stems from the intense desire to identify and match high quality talent with organisational needs, and vice versa.

NirmitoZeek. Exotic it is, but intensely meaningful.

Conceptualised by Ms. Shivama Gupta, NirmitoZeek is a derivative of two words – ‘Nimrit’ of Indian origin to mean ‘create’ ‘craft’ or ‘build’ and ‘Zeek’ which has its origin in Aramaic (also variation of ‘Zeke’ in English and Hebrew) to mean a ‘shooting star’ or a ‘spark’. Our entire philosophy stems from these two words -- 'To create Shooting Stars'.

The artistic mix of vibrant colors in our logo reflects intellect, freshness, aggression, ambition, energy, growth and renewal. In short, NirmitoZeek conveys our innate desire and ability to identify, coach and mentor smart talent, and mould them into shooting stars capable of soaring extraordinary heights in their careers.

Seach! Skills! Solutions!

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